From managing stage fright to improving focus and musical connection, meditation is an extremely practical tool for 21st-century musicians. These classes and workshops offer a simple yet highly effective technique of meditation to manage and enhance practice and performance.

Practical applications include how to:

  • Quiet the mind and open the heart
  • Tap into increased energy and enhanced focus to avoid burnout
  • Connect more deeply with your ensemble and audience
  • Incorporate meditation into a booked schedule
  • Retrain the body and mind for optimized performance

This offering is different from a normal meditation class in that it:

  1. Specifically targets reduction of excess tension and performance anxiety.
  2. Provides tools to experience the inherent inspiration within the music.
  3. Combines with musical performance to create a bridge from the inner experience of the performer to the audience.

More information for music schools, ensembles and secular choirs.

More information for Church Choirs.

Workshops start at $100 for your choir, ensemble, or studio. Private sessions also available. Contact David to get started.

David Eby’s seminar is an event that must be experienced to be truly valued.  David is assured, yet calm, when presenting, and his musicianship argues strongly for his approach to the stresses of performance.  Any aspiring musician will benefit from this seminar and even highly skilled performers will find much of value. — Dr. Joan Paddock, Professor of Music, Linfield Colege

What surprised me was the experience of freedom and expansion beyond the reach of criticism. There is a gold-mine of possibility here that is available to all performers. — Theresa Koon, Portland Vocalist, Teacher, Composer

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