Inspired Performance 6-week course


To prepare students for enhanced performance using meditation, positivity, introspection and musical connection.

Course Description:

This 6-week course is designed to enhance performance in any field through the application of awareness-based meditation. Format includes group instruction and interaction as well as practical application of concepts learned. The emphasis is to deepen the student’s individual experience of living presence of inspiration in order to enhance performance and overcome performance anxiety.


Inspired Performance Workbook (included)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will meaningfully engage in the application of awareness-based meditation and demonstrate increased inner awareness through the production of a short performance.
  2. Students will demonstrate dynamic stillness through
  • the use of breathing techniques and
  • a calm focused concentration
  1. Students will work towards increased inner receptivity by:
  • completing introspection assignments
  • completing a log of Practice Room Meditations (included in workbook)
  • demonstrating the ability to meaningfully relate to the realities of others through ensemble
  1. Students will demonstrate positivity through:
  • a positive will power to overcome obstacles
  • a willingness to change negative patterns of thought
  • a balance between striving for excellence and self-acceptance
  • discrimination without judgment of self or others
  1. Students will exhibit increased freedom in performance by demonstrating
  • non-attachment to outcome while remaining fully engaged
  • a calm focus even in the midst of mistakes
  • a willingness to follow their intuitive understanding
  1. Students will demonstrate receptivity in performance.

Course Outline:

Week 1 Welcome & Class Introduction

  • Setting the Stage: The 7 Keys to Freedom
  • Create Your Inspired Evidence Card

Week 2 The Hush: Develop Dynamic Stillness

  • How to Meditate
  • Practice Room Meditations

Week 3 The Heart: Own Your Inner Experience

  • How to increase awareness
  • Emotions vs. Feelings
  • Desires and Non-attachment
  • Vulnerability vs. Security
  • Group exercises and meditation

Week 4 The Lift: Engage Positive Energy

  • How to work with the inner critic
  • The correct use of will power
  • How to cultivate the best inner and outer environment
  • How to use affirmations for best results
  • Group exercises and meditation

Week 5 The Flow: Connect into Your Highest Potential

  • What Flow is and isn’t
  • Tips for entering Flow
  • How to keep the ego out of the way
  • Group exercises and meditation
  • Individual Performances

Week 6 The Resonant Stage

  • Attune your music to your sense of purpose
  • Infuse your performance with your inner experience
  • Stimulate wellbeing in others through the integrated expression of your own
  • Group meditation
  • Individual Performances


This experience gave me a sense of musicianship that no one could take away from me. The depth of the material, the clarity and evolution of your ideas allowed me to truly re-Source myself. I feel genuinely inspired.

— Maria Olaya, classical guitarist

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