Tap into your genuine experience of inspiration.

Connect your music with the highest potential for the human spirit.

I provide Inspired Performance workshops for professionals, students and amateurs that present a 4-step process to develop dynamic stillness, open the heart, attune to the upward energy of inspiration, and enter the flow of consistently inspired performance.

Please help yourself to my many articles and videos inspired by 25 years of meditation and sharing higher consciousness through music.

May you be connected and inspired, energized and refreshed.

Comments from recent workshops:

“Incredibly moving experience that allows the individual to find an inner oasis of musical serenity.” Katerina Cockbain, Pacific University

“Great insight into the workings of musical meditation with a great demo into relaxation.” Jacob L, Pacific University

“Introduced the basic ideas of meditation without being overwhelming. It also helped me make the connection between music and the spirit.” Kelly Pugh, Pacific University

“Eby’s got a fantastic presence within him. Incredibly calm, approachable, connected and confident.” Emma A, Pacific University

“David lives what he teaches. Meditation and music are catalysts for spiritual growth.” Sandy Taylor, Seattle WA

“David creates a welcoming space to experience joy. His personality is genuinely expressed through his teachings and graciously received by all.” Maria Scherer Wilson, cellist, Seattle WA

“Just being in his presence, students feel calm, uplifted and inspired. The presentation of concepts flows beautifully and is easily absorbed.” Sharon Kelly, Seattle WA

“David Eby captures the essence of how an artist connects to the audience. He counters trends to dumb down, on one hand, or ratchet up technical demands with the loss of feeling, on the other hand, by simply showing how one can reach inside to grab the heart of inner experience and hand it to an eager audience—mediated by inspiration.” – Terry Rhoades, Ph.D.

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