web_banner_music_loversMeditation for Music Lovers is an innovative program specifically designed to amplify your genuine inner experience during live musical performance. When your mind is still and your heart is open, you can be touched more deeply and moved more profoundly by the fine subtleties of energy and inspiration resounding in the concert hall.

This 90-minute program offers tailored meditation techniques to:

  • develop dynamic stillness and enhance subtle feeling
  • discover and amplify the dynamic circuit of energy produced by the conductor, performers and audience
  • perceive more deeply the underlying inspiration behind a masterpiece

This perfect inner companion to music appreciation includes live performance illustrations and dynamic audience participation.

A powerful, beautiful, experiential adventure in the waves of inspired resonance that music and musician can create. – Mikaela Jones

David Eby shared a delightful and tangibly felt experience that took me to unexplained levels of self realization of who I really am. I would highly recommend David’s workshops. His music, exuberance and joyful expression are life changing. – Lilly Lily

Eby presents a quantum perspective on music. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and he demonstrates parts not widely considered. – Kathryn Stratton

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