Why does music bring us such pleasure? It is an immersion experience of vibrations— vibrations of sound, of energy, thought and feeling infused into the notes by composer and performer. When we openly absorb all of these audible and inaudible vibrations on physical, mental, and spiritual levels, we attune ourselves with the consciousness that saturates every note. When we listen to music created from a place of inspiration and expansive consciousness, we ourselves begin to resonate with deep joy that takes us beyond the notes into the exalted pleasure of being.

This inner pleasure of being goes beyond just thought and emotion. When we are completely present to music with a calm mind and open heart, we begin to resonate on deep levels with the healing power of ever-new bliss.

So how does all of this work? Quantum mechanics and string theory show that the entire universe is made up of vibration, of sound. The laws of vibration link performers and listeners through the phenomenon of sympathetic resonance. Just as we say, “we’re on the same wavelength”, “that struck a chord in me”, “I really resonate with that”, or “I feel in tune with that idea”, the listener experiences what the musician is feeling. Just like the sympathetic strings on a sitar or viola d’amore, we resonate with overtones of a performer’s consciousness as soon as they walk on stage. If they are nervous it is impossible for us to fully relax, but when they perform in a heightened state of flow or inspiration, we resonate with that same expansion of consciousness.

I was recently featured in Finding Happiness, a docudrama in which I shared how I have found lasting joy and a deeply fulfilling life through music and community. In every one of my scenes I resonated as completely as I could with the joy, happiness, and dynamic presence of inspiration that I have genuinely felt in this recent chapter of my life. I also produced the soundtrack, and aspired with every note of the score to convey the living presence of spirit so beautifully captured by the breath-taking cinematography.

It was an awesome responsibility, demanding the highest level of expression. It challenged me on a daily basis to find my source of inspiration and tap into the wellspring of energy and ideas, the guiding presence that longed to express itself. I, as a channel, was incredibly blessed by what flowed through me in the process.

My continuing goal in creating The Four Accords of the Inspired Musician is to lift musicians and listeners into expanded states of wellbeing that linger long after the last note is heard. I urge you to extend the joy you experience through music into the mix of your everyday activities, blurring the boundaries of bliss between music and life. Music gives us joy, joy gives deep experience of life, deep experience infuses us with authenticity and conviction to sing our own song in every aspect of our lives.

We are at the mercy of the music that surrounds us on all fronts. Instead of listening passively to music, find the music that speaks to your soul – that truly takes you where you want to go. Listen actively. Consciously soak up the inspiration that the great musicians have to offer. Drink it in with every fiber of your being, and resonate with bliss. The music is there. Waiting. For you.




Resonating with Bliss – Finding Happiness through music

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  • February 12, 2014 at 10:47 am

    Superbly expressed, David.


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