“Our students had a moving and inspiring experience working with David. They were able to tap into a sense of community and warmth that led them to a more joyful and connected performance.” Sarah Tiedemann, Executive Director, Young Musicians & Artists

Thank you for today.  You brought so much — including deep silence and music that increased connection and awareness — to chapel today, all in the span on about 12 minutes.  I am very much looking forward to the next occasion and future collaboration, as well.” Jenny Cleveland, Chaplin for Oregon Episcopal School

The solo class presentation was one of the most useful ones I have seen and even this week there have been plenty of enthusiastic remarks by students and faculty who attended one or more of his presentations. It was a residency that really benefitted all divisions and majors.” Sabina Klein, faculty, University of the Pacific

“This experience gave me a sense of musicianship that no one could take away from me. The depth of the material, the clarity and evolution of your ideas allowed me to truly re-Source myself. I feel genuinely inspired.” Maria Olaya, classical guitarist

“I walked in with an idea of what inspiration was and that idea was revolutionized.” Jerry Criswell, Music Performance major (clarinet)

“Incredibly moving experience that allows the individual to find an inner oasis of musical serenity.” Katerina Cockbain, Pacific University

“Great insight into the workings of musical meditation with a great demo into relaxation.” Jacob L, Pacific University

“Introduced the basic ideas of meditation without being overwhelming. It also helped me make the connection between music and the spirit.” Kelly Pugh, Pacific University

“Eby’s got a fantastic presence within him. Incredibly calm, approachable, connected and confident.” Emma A, Pacific University

“Inspired Performance is an insightful and profound experience which will transform the way you view yourself, your colleagues, and music as a holistic experience. Just as the title implies, you will leave inspired.” Aaron Fonzi, Music Education major (euphonium)

“A very moving way to experience the true meaning of and reason for music and performance.” Isabel, Music Management Major (violin)

“Fresh and Inspiring.” Quentin Purviance, Jazz Studies major (percussion)

“It brought me to a new sensory height.” Christian Tudino, Music Therapy major (percussion)

“Simply yet beautifully opens up the mind and the heart to new levels of musicality and living. Inspirational.” Danika Klebe, Music Education major (viola)

“If you are a musician in life and want to better yourself, these classes are a must. They will expand your musical abilities and life overall.” Alex Flatness, Music Performance major (percussion)

“Extremely interesting and important! I could listen to this all day!” Bryndis Reed, Music Performance major (voice)

“The topic truly resonated with me, and I can’t wait to apply these meditation techniques to my practice.” Michelle Miller, Music Education major (violin)

“It was a very eye-opening class which has helped me realize how helpful meditating is. Also, that I am in control of the energy in the room.” William Peralta, Music Performance major (double bass)

“Rediscover your love for music and become a better musician with Inspired Performance.” Kipp Brewer, Music Performance major (trumpet)

“It left me feeling very inspired! The information was valuable and well presented!” Sydney Gorham, Music Performance major (voice)

“Fascinating and uplifting. An inspiration to young performers everywhere!” Justin Vaughn, Music Performance major (voice)

“Great eye and mind opener for introducing musicians into the benefit of meditation to music. Amazing for people who don’t know how to calm themselves.” Music Performance major (piano)

“A presentation that taps into the struggling musician’s mind and brings back that artistic and humanistic inspiration.” Joanne Wong, Music Education major (piano)

“Engaging in meditation and exercise, you experience a small taste of something bigger.” Katie Steffanic, Music Education major (voice)

“Great at explaining the connections between the practice of mediation and music and how they benefit each other.” Music Education major (euphonium)

“A succinct and passionate introduction to maintaining consistent musical inspiration and how to achieve it.” Madeleine Guekguezian, Music Composition and Performance Major (trombone)

“These classes provide young musicians with a clear path to finding positive performance techniques. Wonderful.” Savannah Bailey, Music Performance major (voice)

“Very engaging and inspiring. I was given an overall feeling of peace and relaxation” Melissa McGlumphy, Music Performance major (viola)

“Reveals the important connection between the ego and the ‘perfect’ performance.” Karina Michaels, Music Performance major (percussion)

“It was truly inspirational. The best solo class I have had in my 3 years here.” Eugene Harris, Jazz Studies major (drums/vibraphone)

“This class was enlightening. It opened my view to aspects I never thought of before.” Neil Stanley, Music Education major (clarinet)

“Literally inspiring and informative. I would definitely use these techniques!” David Dryfoos, Music Composition major (piano)

“I expected the this workshop to reinforce a beloved perspective: that it is possible to allow deep inspiration to guide our performance in any situation. What surprised me was the experience of freedom and expansion beyond the reach of criticism.  There is a goldmine of possibility here that is available to all performers.” Theresa Koon, Professional Vocalist, Teacher, Composer

“David investigates the unspoken place we all need to remember in order to rediscover the courage to create inspired music, again.  He is putting action to the subtle, words to the difficult to articulate, and I personally encourage you to put your toe in this practical, yet magical water and discover for yourself what these workshops are all about.” Nancy Olson Chatalas, Professor of Voice 

“David eloquently walked us through the natural progression of a performer’s relationship with inspiration, and showed us how we can stay in the state of fresh inspiration whenever we want.” Jacob McLeod, co-founder of the mens A Capella sextet, Creative Destruction.

“David’s techniques are so simple and essential that I’m left wondering how I forgot how to use them in the first place—I am very grateful that this program exists to remind me.” Avery Jepsen-Minyard, cellist and composer

“Wow! What an amazingly practical, hands-on way to access what for many is the occasional joy of inspiration…to make it an every day joy. An excellent presentation.” Karen Gamow, Choir Director

“Deep and inspiring…a truly revolutionary way to look at music performance.”Curtis Friedline, Portland vocalist

“Refreshing. Down to earth, real feelings and experiences. Teaching us how to transform our own negativity into blissful experiences.” Kristy Norfleet, recording artist

“David Eby addressed the elephant in the room—performance anxiety—with techniques that are available for everyone to learn.” Carol Fegte´, violinist, retired Waldorf teacher

“Very inspirational and educational. Makes me want to go practice!” Ben Skillman, music student at Humboldt State University

“Eby holds a passion for musical discovery through the soul.” Michelle Karsten, student, Ananda College

“It was profound and deep. I am feeling an aura of peace, very dynamic and palpable.” Gaurja Prashar

“David takes you into realms not commonly touched in music workshops. You’ll return to your music having grown with new tools to inspiration.” Shirley Dickard, cellist

“It will open your heart and give you an arsenal of allies to call upon when performing.” Rosie Alaya, student

“Dissolving boundaries and limitations in a practical, artistic, engaging and transcendental fashion, David Eby shares what should be essential education for anyone interested in connecting with dynamic, living inspiration. Highest praise. Two thumbs up.” Deus Fortier

“A totally delightful, uplifting experience! It crystalized many things I have felt in passing at times, making them understandable in a broader context.” Cliff Kushler, co-inventor of T9 and Swype

“A very engaging and thought provoking workshop. Long overdue process to maintain or invite inspiration in musical practice and performance.” Erika Little, Portland vocalist

“A refreshing reminder of why we play (make) music! A practical way to create joy and inspiration.” Shannon Jones, Portland singer/teacher/performer

“David’s four-part process not only opened my heart as a singer, it opened my eyes. Once I allowed the process to lift my energy and open my heart, it was incredibly easy and richly fulfilling to blend with others to create something bigger than ourselves—something that truly lifts the listener and creates a healing.” Lori Ritchie, Portland vocalist

“It touched me on levels I had forgotten—how to apply the best of my meditative experiences to other parts of my daily life, work, and performance.” Wayne Palmer, choir director, Ananda Church of Self-Realization, Palo Alto

“Heartfelt, well presented useful techniques to explore the mystery of a more present application of Spirit. A very fine gift to us all.” Patricia Rehm, Portland vocalist

“An inspirational, uplifting time that you wish would go on longer. David is a master at conveying ideas so you understand them in yourself rather than imposing them on you. I felt blessed and uplifted.” Adam Trowbridge

“This retreat is an answer to the soul’s long journey towards inspiration. Diving deep into the depths of inspiration, David takes us to greater states of awareness by teaching how to resonate with that which we already are: pure Joy.” Vinny Jones

“It was an eye-opening experience that tied together both abstract and practical ideas on how to open ourselves to inspiration and function in that flow.” Saiganesh, technology consultant

“A truly inspiring experience. Highly recommended.” Chandan Kushler, student

“This workshop is enlightening and inspiring. It resonated with my personal experiences as a musician and it was relatable. I know I can apply this process and mindset to my music.” Elissa Karim, Student

“An inspiring and engaging experience! Full of useful techniques and ideas.” Joe Mann

“This class gave me insights on how to focus my energy in a way that wil improve my performance and enhance my ability to enjoy music.” Linfield College Music Student

“An exceptional exploration on the metaphysical elements that surround the performer and the audience.” Blake, Linfield College Music Student

“Helped me put to words what I was having trouble with in the practice room.” Linfield College Music Student

“A performance class for performers. Not a bunch of hippy mumbo-jumbo.” Keelan Wells, Linfield College Music Student

“Fresh and new ideas in a novel way to look at performing. David has a gift to be shared with us all!” Kyler Hayes, Linfield College Music Student

“This class is insightful, purposeful, and beautiful. It has uses throughout life as a whole and also in performance, composing, and playing.” Preston Turner, Linfield College Music Student

“Everything said was most certainly true, and I could even feel these indescribable changes occurring. My stress drained away, and I could even hear the colors of the cello as I focused on becoming peace.” Logan Mays, Linfield College Music Student


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