Meditation for Musicians

David Eby is an engaging, warm-hearted, and inspiring musician and educator. His work with the Sonoma State Symphony Orchestra on how to use meditation to achieve peak experiences in rehearsal and performance was effective, eye-opening, and fascinating. In a relatively brief time span he was able to connect deeply with the students and help them achieve a higher level of listening and attention than they normally experience. I look forward to having him back soon. — Dr. Alexander Kahn, Director of Orchestral Studies, Sonoma State University

Meditation for Musicians

A stress-reduction workshop for musicians that introduces tools to enhance the perception of inspiration through dynamic stillness and heightened awareness.

Workshop includes an introduction to awareness-based meditation, interactive demonstrations, and practical application through Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn the principles of sympathetic resonance and demonstrate through activity.
  • Students will learn how to create and demonstrate dynamic stillness through a 5-minute meditation.
  • Students will have the opportunity to deepen their inner awareness and express their intuitive perception through a reading of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus.
  • Students will learn the 4 steps of Joyful Focus: Hush, Heart, Lift and Flow.

Workshop Outline

  • Interactive presentation of Sympathetic Resonance using resonating piano strings
  • Overview of how to access inspiration and share it through sound
  • Introduction to awareness-based meditation technique
  • Musical Application with meditation intervals
  • Questions, evaluation

Beyond the Notes: Secrets of an Inspired Musician

In this concert/lecture, the audience and performer join forces to explore the connection between performer and composer,  audience and performer, and ultimately, the circuit of energy that can be tangibly felt in a supportive inspired audience. David weaves inspired music with quantum physics, resonance, and awareness-based meditation to demonstrate the power of the inner experience.

Additional workshops available

Ensemble coachings and master classes with direct application of techniques from Practice Room Meditations. Designed to produce realtime results to improve focus, expand awareness for greater ensemble performance, and amplify their inner experience of inspiration for greater connection with the audience.

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