“David is not only exceptionally talented and a consummate professional, he is an amazing person. His presence at our event made the night extraordinary and we look forward to having him perform again.” Kayce Wheeler Byrne, Cascade Sotheby’s 

“David is stellar – inspirational, dedicated, incredibly talented, encouraging and uplifting.”  Sharon Hemmat, Kona, Hawaii

“David Eby has a rare quality of leadership from his calm center which is in direct and pure connection with the Divine.  He pulls out from deep within you the same connection by mechanism of resonance.  His solid musicality gives groundedness to balance this uplifting and expansive experience you could just gladly get lost in.  David is a true teacher and a reliable guide who can usher any musically inclined souls into the higher realm of Bliss.”  Yoko Macahilas, Sacramento, CA

“It has been a rare privelege to sing under David Eby’s direction. David has an infectious enthusiasm and the ability to draw out the best from the choir, melding all the parts into one whole.  I have learned to listen and feel the music as never before.”  Glenda Anderson, Lynnwood, WA

“David Eby is an outstanding music teacher. He is down to earth, funny and articulate.  His highly spiritual and sensitive nature allows our Divine qualities to come forth and be expressed through song.”  Kristy Norfleet, Boulder Creek, CA

“David brings a nice combination of intensity, sensitivity, and love of the music to the role of music director.  I very much enjoyed working with him.  He inspires one to be the best musician they are capable of.”  Frank Monahan, Portland, OR

“David is an exceptionally gifted, classically trained musician, conductor and teacher, who effortlessly bring out the best in each vocalist and musician.  He conducts from his calm inner center, with such joy, love and enthusiasm, that he draws the music “through” the hearts of each person he directs.  While exacting in his expectations, he is completely respectful and kind.  He makes learning and sharing this music a joyful experience that defies words.  One must experience it to know the joy!”  Jayanati Manning, Sacramento, CA

“David Eby…provides space for those in his company to shine with their individual talents and still gets the blend of voice and sound he is striving to achieve.  As far as a musician, conductor, and choral instructor are concerned, you would have to go far to find a more complete package than David presents for our community.  I would include my attendance at the recent symposium under David’s tutelage as one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life as well as possibly the best learning experience I have had since college.”  Gary Mitchell, Portland, OR


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