This workshop is built on three premises:

  1. Master composers intuitively understand how to capture and encode inspiration (or living presence of the Divine) into their work.
  2. Their music serves as a road map for us as performers to directly experience that living presence within our own selves.
  3. Meditation enhances the dynamic stillness and heightened awareness needed to perceive this Divine presence.

My experience has also shown that when we deepen our perception of the Divine and infuse it into our music, listeners sense an invitation to relax into their own sacred experience. 

On an immediate practical level, this resonance of “God in us” leads to greater concentration, focus and productivity. Discipline and commitment can only take us so far—we need joy  for optimal motivation.

We, as church musicians, offer congregations a sonic portal to their own experience of the Divine. People know when our energies are off and when we are aglow. They can perceive it within the music.

This is what makes Sacred Music performance truly sacred.

In this workshop we will use sacred music and meditation to:

  • improve the blend, attunement, and inspiration of your choir
  • expand their intuitive awareness for greater ensemble
  • attune more closely to the inspiration of the composer and director
  • deepen their inner experience

Comments from recent workshops:

Essential viewing! A must for all performing artists! Michael Kleinschmidt, music director for St Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle

Brief, but full of things to take to heart and practice implementing in everyday practice and rehearsals. Arwen Myers, Music Associate, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

This experience was eye-opening, given by someone who is living what he speaks. John Palmer, Choirmaster at Calvary Episcopal Church

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