Here’s what I need to inspire me

I wonder if you’ve had an experience where a leader (conductor, boss, teacher, manager, coach) tried to inspire you to give more in order to achieve their own goal of helping others. Service is always central to me as a

snow, mistakes, and love

I put on my clunky oversized snow boots and slopped through the frozen slush. Everything was canceled, and I needed to move my body. My mind needed a break, and my heart yearned for completeness, and as I trudged along,

Shaming – what is your story?

Many of us have endured teachers and conductors (maybe even family and friends) who used subtle or overt shaming to motivate or change. If you feel brave enough to share, I’m gathering examples that perhaps were meant to be harmless,

Unwind the Past, Uncover the Future

I lay on the massage table, ready for change. Ever since I was a teenager, my right thumb has given me problems while holding the bow, and 2 weeks ago I finally put it together – I broke my right

Sound listens.

My friend lay face up on the pad in front of me for a sound healing session, seeking to ease the dark pit of grief from her mother’s passing. I told her that I had no magic notes to make

My Anxiety and the Gift of Dissonance

My Anxiety and the Gift of Dissonance

Hi. My name is David. I’ve been meditating for 25 years, and I have anxiety. The low-level, disguisable, hide-it-behind-my-ego anxiety that slowly eats away at well-being. Background radio static in my energy that subtly influences my words and actions. When

The Gift of Witnessing

The Gift of Witnessing

Is anyone else having week after week of new growth and understanding? Inner discoveries continue unabated. This week I performed online at a ceilidh with a group of new and old dear European friends. I realized by the presence with

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