A Sine from God

A Sine from God

A sine wave, that is! Happy New Year everyone!! I’m giving talks next weekend for the Recharge: Health Global Retreat, and have been preparing by researching more on the healing power of music. One of the most intriguing things I’ve

Recharge Your Battery (Shine Your Light #6)

I blinked, and now it’s December. What a perfect time to celebrate Light! In the past 5 Shine Your Light articles, I’ve been talking about how to open, plug in, switch on, draw current, and energize. Each of these take will

A Thanksgiving Pilgrimage

It’s fun to be a pilgrim traveling to a sacred place at Thanksgiving. This week my family drove down to the Ananda Village in California, where we lived from 2001-20013. As soon as we arrived, I felt the essence of what

Amplify Your Light

Amplify Your Light

I just watched this video about Charlottesville. How can I respond? I can share Light. How do I amplify that Light? With attunement. What is attunement? Attunement is a simply a state of resonance with sound, style, attitudes, and even

Musicians: Curators of Consciousness

I received an awesome birthday present yesterday: a moment of realization! As I conducted my choir of meditators, I felt the purest Divine presence. It left no room for littleness of egoic pride, insecurity, anger, control, ambition. It was 100% benign, holding vibrations or frequencies

What legacies are YOU carrying?

I was caught red handed—the huge serving spoon had disappeared completely into my mouth. “You’re just like your father!” “Thank you!” I love my dad.  But then I had to wonder…. If I’m carrying stuff from my dad, and he is carrying stuff from his dad, how

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