You CAN access inspiration at will!

Just as you can build a radio to receive invisible transmissions, you can use The Four Freedoms of Inspiration—the Hush, the Heart, the Lift, and the Flow—to obtain the vision, insight, energy and conviction needed to succeed in any endeavor.

The first step is to build the framework of the Hush, a dynamic stillness in which to hear the first subtle whisperings of inspiration. Think of a calm, rippleless lake in which the beginnings of a vision can be perceived. Meditation is a great way to create this inner space of dynamic stillness.

Next we open the radio receiver of the Heart. Unburden your heart of any turbulent static to catch the subtleties of inspiration. The Heart is a boat resting atop the peaceful depths of the Hush. When your lake is calm, it can easily absorb and disperse any emotionally charged waves released from your heart, leaving you in a state of enriched receptivity for greater insight.

The Lift is the hoisting of the sail, the raising of the antenna, the connection of the circuits. In order to magnetically draw inspiration, keep open the upward path in which inspiration naturally flows. If you sustain an upward flow through positive attitude and high thinking, inspiration easily finds its way in and fills your sail with renewed energy.

These first three steps work together to help you to enter the Flow—the blissful state where time stands still, your mind focuses effortlessly, and your spirit resonates with the joy of inspiration and your clear conviction.

For musicians, this is the ultimate experience: to transcend stage fright and enter a mystic communion with the music and the audience. To lock into the inspiration that gave birth to the masterpieces we perform, and to feel inspiration flowing through our every note.

I offer Resonate Inspiration workshops for choirs, ensembles, and any groups interested in increasing their inspiration.





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