1. Participants will meaningfully engage in the application of awareness-based meditation for musical practice and demonstrate application of Joyful Focus through the production of a short performance.
  2. Participants will demonstrate dynamic stillness (Joyful Focus: HUSH) by
  • Demonstrating different breathing techniques
  • Exhibiting a calm focused concentration
  1. Participants will increase receptivity (Joyful Focus: HEART) by
  • Completing introspection assignments
  • Completing a log of Practice Room Meditations (included in workbook)
  1. Participants will exhibit increased receptivity (Joyful Focus: HEART) by:
  • Demonstrating the ability to relate to the realities of others in ensemble
  1. Participants will demonstrate positivity (Joyful Focus: LIFT) by:
  • A positive will power to overcome obstacles
  • A willingness to change negative patterns of thought
  • Balancing the drive for excellence with self-acceptance
  • Discriminating without judgment of self or others
  1. Participants will exhibit increased freedom in performance (Joyful Focus: LIFT) by
  • Demonstrating non-attachment to outcome while remaining fully engaged
  • Demonstrating calm focus even in the midst of mistakes
  • Demonstrating a willingness to follow their intuitive understanding
  1. Participants will demonstrate an enhanced connection to the music, ensemble, and audience. (Joyful Focus: FLOW)
  2. Participants will lead sample group meditations and problem solve for various student needs and scenarios.

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