This 12 week comprehensive program transforms the performing musician through weekly application of the Inspired Connection process. It connects the musician to their source of inspiration and establishes a strong practice to set them firmly on the road to their highest potential.

Includes 12 weekly hour-long classes on:
Setting the Stage
The marketable benefits of Inspired Performance
Find your source of inspiration
Explore ego vs soul
Develop your authenticity
Create the practice of attunement
Engage personal growth through music

The Hush
Why musicians naturally meditate
Experience the importance of stillness
Breathe and find your center
Release physical and mental tension
Develop greater physical awareness
Be expansive vs contractive

The Heart
Develop musicality through intuition:
calm intuitive feeling
Deal with the inner critics
Find the treasure they are protecting
Balance self-acceptance and the desire for excellence
Explore calm feeling vs emotions
Identify and move past insecurities

The Lift
Catch the rising wave of energy
Find attitudes that improve your performance
Create beneficial patterns to stay on top of your game
Identify blocked areas that stop your flow
Remove negative reactive habits
Develop alternatives to frustration, the killer of flow

The Flow
Perform consistently with flow and inspiration
Get out of your own way
Expand your energy onstage
Overcome performance anxiety
Develop pathways to peak experience
Expand awareness within your ensemble
Engage in a dynamic relationship with audience

After the Applause
What do we celebrate?
Set the new normal
Find happiness in the midst of competition
Measure success in real ways
Build your magnetism
Create your greatest masterpiece: You

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