Music and Superconsciousness

Profound musical experiences always coincide with heightened states of awareness. This weekend will teach you how to consistently deepen your enjoyment through a four-step process called The Four Accords of Inspiration. Learn how to access the superconscious through singing, playing,

The real difference between a performance and an audition

The real difference between a performance and an audition

This Saturday I’ll be taking an audition for the Oregon Symphony, my first audition in 17 years. It is the perfect opportunity for the ultimate test: Is my process of inspired performance possible in a blind audition? Can I take the principles

The Truth About Music and Performance, Hiding in Plain Sight

First, I want you to think back to your most profound experiences of music: when you felt a unity with the audience, the performer, or something greater than yourself; when your mind was very calm and your heart open. Chances are,

The “Perfect Joy” of Music

This morning I met with someone about my Transform Your Performance online course, which is built on the foundation of inner resonance and our tangible joy of music. On the way home, I was listening to a story of St. Francis and Perfect Joy. As St.

How to Debug Your Inspiration OS

Computer crashes…website troubles…email issues…fatal errors… Step 1. Call the IT dept. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! High Blood Pressure…flu…choleseral…cough or cold… Step 1. Call the doctor. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! Loss

Healing the Wounds of Inspiration

The picture hanging over the mantel came crashing down on the glass art…SMASH…shocking us out of a guided meditation. “Just let it be everyone—I’ll pick up the pieces later.” The voice of our gracious host, Theresa Koon, betrayed her sadness

Resonating with Bliss – Finding Happiness through music

Why does music bring us such pleasure? It is an immersion experience of vibrations— vibrations of sound, of energy, thought and feeling infused into the notes by composer and performer. When we openly absorb all of these audible and inaudible