Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Competition, and Inspired Performance

When I entered Eastman as a Freshman in the fall of 1985, I needed a tool to survive being plunged into an intimidating sea of talent. In the first few weeks I was lifted up high by a wave (Principal

Stage Fright to Inspired Performance

Learn how to leverage the genuine presence of inspiration to overcome blocks and fears and connect more deeply with the music, the audience, and your own self. Using principles of mindfulness for increased inner awareness, this workshop provides tools to succeed not only on stage, but in all other areas of life as well.

Stage Fright to Inspired Performance Retreat

Tired of the shakes? Feeling burnt out? Ready to connect with your audience on a deeper level? This day-long retreat amplifies the benefits of meditation to reduce performance anxiety and open the mental/physical/emotional space where inspiration flourishes.

What your heart rate might be telling you about trust

30 minutes before my Oregon Symphony audition I was poised and ready to go. I felt good, prepared, and calm. But as I waited for the knock on the warmup room door, my heart began to beat faster. And faster. What