When the Heart Breaks Wide Open

Just a few weeks ago we skirted the edge of the Camp Fire’s devastation as we drove by Paradise, CA. Choking on the heavy smoke, we walked into the Target in Chico, passing mountainous piles of donations for those who had

How to Make Sacred Music Truly Sacred

It was hot—really hot as I wound my way up the Historic Columbia River Highway to the Royal School of Church Music Retreat. The river glistened in the evening light as I entered the beautiful grounds of the Menucha Retreat Center in Corbett,

The “Perfect Joy” of Music

This morning I met with someone about my Transform Your Performance online course, which is built on the foundation of inner resonance and our tangible joy of music. On the way home, I was listening to a story of St. Francis and Perfect Joy. As St.

Are You a Spiritually Independent Musician?

Is your spirituality tucked safely out of harms way? Have you ever yearned to bring into the secular world of the Arts the deep spiritual truths that you have experienced? Centuries ago we created a barrier separating the Arts and Sciences from the

Music, Feeling, and the Spiritual

You enter the hall, the house lights dim, the players hush, and the music begins. You enter the club and are engulfed in sound. You crank the car stereo as you drive down the road. You tune out the world

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