Every Musician Should Give a TEDx Talk. Here’s Why.

I had imagined that the day after my TEDx talk I’d be physically and emotionally exhausted. But I wasn’t. Usually after an important performance, I experience a fabulous afterglow followed by a letdown, even a vulnerability hangover. But not this

Does Your Audience Resonate with You?

Certain ideas, stories, and music resonate with us. They move us. They make us feel good when we hear or read them. Why? Because they VALIDATE our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Resonance is validation. Something inside us stands up and says “YES! I know

How much should you CARE about your audience?

Your SHOULD care. A LOT. Here’s why: When your audience knows who you are, and that you care about them, then they care about what you know. Even though this is a philosophy in public speaking, it still resonates deeply in the music

Exactly when does originality goes too far?

The moment you start looking outside your Source for how to be different. The Latin root for “original” is originem: beginning, source, birth.  So of course to be original means to come from within, from your Source: the place inside which gives you all your

What did you give when you gave your last performance?

This holiday season, the spirit of giving is everywhere. In comparison to all those who are able to get out holiday cards, cookies, and thoughtful gifts for everyone—I feel woefully behind and overwhelmed. My wife is one of those amazing women

The real difference between a performance and an audition

thank you...next!

This Saturday I’ll be taking an audition for the Oregon Symphony, my first audition in 17 years. It is the perfect opportunity for the ultimate test: Is my process of inspired performance possible in a blind audition? Can I take the principles

The Truth About Music and Performance, Hiding in Plain Sight

First, I want you to think back to your most profound experiences of music: when you felt a unity with the audience, the performer, or something greater than yourself; when your mind was very calm and your heart open. Chances are,

How to Debug Your Inspiration OS

Computer crashes…website troubles…email issues…fatal errors… Step 1. Call the IT dept. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! High Blood Pressure…flu…choleseral…cough or cold… Step 1. Call the doctor. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! Loss

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