Here’s what I need to inspire me

I wonder if you’ve had an experience where a leader (conductor, boss, teacher, manager, coach) tried to inspire you to give more in order to achieve their own goal of helping others. Service is always central to me as a

National Anthem of Love

I was invited to arrange and perform the Star Spangled Banner for a Portland Trailblazers basketball game on St. Valentine’s Day with Carin Miller, principal bassoonist for the Oregon Symphony. Being the day that it was, I wondered how could

Becoming Tough

Becoming Tough

I have always had difficulty relating to the word tough. As a boy full of sensitive feelings, I never gravitated to fighting or dangerous stunts. The risk of hurt was not worth the effort to be daring with my body

Sound Journey at Princeton

This was one of the most fulfilling performances of my life. Ruth is an exquisite musician whose spirit soars through her voice. Such a joy to be in musical conversation in such a sacred space.

Showing up with my whole self

At 2pm I was given last-minute tickets for the Portland Timbers soccer game that would start at 4:30. I grabbed my neighbor (who played and coached for 40 years) and off we went. As a kid, I was inspired by

Following Brightness: My TEDx Experience

Following Brightness: My TEDx Experience

An hour ago I gave my first TEDx talk. I wish you could have been there, in the sold out black box theater at Lewis & Clark Colelge, packed in with the 80 eager listeners. The title of my talk

Energize Your Circuits (Shine Your Light #5)

I loved building circuit boards in 5th grade. It wasn’t rocket science, but I felt a sense of satisfaction when my fumbling fingers connected the circuit and the tiny bulb finally lit up. Something clicked on in me, and it felt

Draw the Current (Shine Your Light #4)

A river runs through it How would you live your life if you could draw from an unlimited river of energy to fuel your light? If instead of staying stuck, you could draw from an unending current of inspiration? Unlimited

Switch On (Shine Your Light #3)

Switch On (Shine Your Light #3)

Thinking about cake What lights you up? The signs are unmistakable: awakened energy, captivated attention, and a joy that beams through your smile. Well, that’s easy! Cake! Cake lights me up! Especially angel food cake with raspberries! Actually…I was talking about

The Choice to Survive or Thrive

When my daughter was born, I learned about FTT (failure to thrive), which refers to decelerated or arrested physical growth in infants. But how about decelerated or arrested spiritual growth? Am I thriving and happy? Am I growing? Or am I

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