Sound listens.

My friend lay face up on the pad in front of me for a sound healing session, seeking to ease the dark pit of grief from her mother’s passing. I told her that I had no magic notes to make

Back to Work!

Back to Work!

In the space of the next month, I will be performing onstage with the Oregon Symphony (Mahler Symphony No. 2! complete with masked chorus!), at Pacific University and The Old Church with Kevin Lefohn, the violinist from the Bodhi Trio,

The Shift from Fear to Love in Music and Education

Musicians have lost jobs, performances, and the joy of ensemble. But now that everything has been taken away from us, what more do we have to fear? This moment is an amazing opportunity to shift the direction of music.

The Secret Beyond Stillness

(This blog is from the mystical side of my musical/spiritual practice) I use music daily before meditation to awaken my relationship with the Divine, chanting sacred sanskrit verses with my harmonium. The effect is always uplifting, energizing and centering, but

Music as a Message of Love

This week in the midst of teaching and performing, I had the rare experience of being overwhelmed by love. A love so powerful I could hardly breathe. Part of me wanted to run away from its overpowering presence, but the

Inspired Music – a Pathway to Higher Consciousness

I love the clean slate of January: a chance to set intentions and renew my sense of purpose. Fueled with energy to change the “old” by bringing in the “new,” I’m ready to clarify, expand, and uplift. For me, 2019 will

A Call to Arms for Musicians of Light

Amplify Your Light

I grew up in Pittsburgh. Yesterday’s attack hit me hard. My weekly cello lessons with Michael Lipman took place just blocks away from the synagogue. Again the question arises: what can I do in response? Last night at the Oregon Symphony,

Musical Shifts of Consciousness

Last night I hosted a screening of a beloved movie, after which I experienced what is commonly called a “shift in consciousness”. I felt deep joy and connectedness, and my mind rose above worries for the future. All I wanted

Music, Yoga, and the Divine Response

Live music & yoga: what incredible, dramatic impact they have on each other! I experienced this firsthand in February at the Northwest Yoga Conference. Then in March, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a yoga class, this time with a

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