Stage Fright to Inspired Performance Retreat

Tired of the shakes? Feeling burnt out? Ready to connect with your audience on a deeper level? This day-long retreat amplifies the benefits of meditation to reduce performance anxiety and open the mental/physical/emotional space where inspiration flourishes.

How to Debug Your Inspiration OS

Computer crashes…website troubles…email issues…fatal errors… Step 1. Call the IT dept. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! High Blood Pressure…flu…choleseral…cough or cold… Step 1. Call the doctor. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! Loss

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

  Does it seem like life just isn’t the same anymore? Everything we assumed was “normal” a decade or two ago is being totally redefined. We are at the cusp of new ways of living, thinking, and for me, performing.