I’m a recovering clock-watcher

My daughter finally turned 10 today. Sitting at the table before the festivities, she showed herself worthy of Olympic clock-watching potential: “Only 1 hour and forty….THREE minutes ’til my party!” Of course she gets her talents from me. I vividly remember a few Pittsburgh Youth

The Truth About Music and Performance, Hiding in Plain Sight

First, I want you to think back to your most profound experiences of music: when you felt a unity with the audience, the performer, or something greater than yourself; when your mind was very calm and your heart open. Chances are,

How to Debug Your Inspiration OS

Computer crashes…website troubles…email issues…fatal errors… Step 1. Call the IT dept. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! High Blood Pressure…flu…choleseral…cough or cold… Step 1. Call the doctor. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! Loss

Is Your Music Magnetic?

And if so, what does it attract? I recently heard Chanticleer live for the first time, and was thrilled by what their songs evoked in me. It was as if they were a huge magnetic force that pulled out different

Resonating with Bliss – Finding Happiness through music

Why does music bring us such pleasure? It is an immersion experience of vibrations— vibrations of sound, of energy, thought and feeling infused into the notes by composer and performer. When we openly absorb all of these audible and inaudible