The 5 major advantages I will have in my audition

I have a huge audition coming up for a full-time position at the Oregon Symphony. The audition will bring over 100 very capable cellists from all over the country to audition. We will all play behind a screen for the prelims

The “Perfect Joy” of Music

This morning I met with someone about my Transform Your Performance online course, which is built on the foundation of inner resonance and our tangible joy of music. On the way home, I was listening to a story of St. Francis and Perfect Joy. As St.

Are You a Spiritually Independent Musician?

Is your spirituality tucked safely out of harms way? Have you ever yearned to bring into the secular world of the Arts the deep spiritual truths that you have experienced? Centuries ago we created a barrier separating the Arts and Sciences from the

Resonating with Bliss – Finding Happiness through music

Why does music bring us such pleasure? It is an immersion experience of vibrations— vibrations of sound, of energy, thought and feeling infused into the notes by composer and performer. When we openly absorb all of these audible and inaudible

Lose Your Costume of Self-Definitions

Halloween is inevitably followed by the harsh wake up call of November 1st. After stumbling out of bed and cursing last night’s edible fun we look in the mirror and, if we choose to follow general convention, start gearing up to

Does your life have resonance?

Resonance is amazing. It’s what I live for. As a cellist and singer I’m constantly working to create the greatest resonance with the least amount of effort. I am also vigilant not to introduce unnecessary tension which only gets in the

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