Stage Fright to Inspiration is for people who want to:

  • Build a reservoir of deep calmness easily accessible during performance
  • Quiet their inner critic
  • Create the space to experience the spark of inspiration
  • Use that spark to move beyond blocks and fears naturally
  • Breathe and enter the flow
  • Create confidence through a deeper experience of yourself
  • Connect more deeply with your audience
  • Lift their energy to a consistent higher level

This course will teach you how to:

Connect with the genuine spark of inspiration

  • Develop dynamic stillness through meditation
  • Relax and open your heart to increase your intuitive awareness
  • Use that awareness to perceive the spark of inspiration

Expand the space for the spark to radiate

  • Get rid of thought patterns that hold you back
  • Use your straight spine to heighten awareness
  • Light up your consciousness to prepare for performance

Infuse your performance to connect with the audience

  • Imbue your intention with inner power
  • Connect with the audience to fuel your performance
  • Merge into the larger circuit of Inspired Connection

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