29. Use your love of music to glimpse your heart’s potential

Bring yourself into center. Close your eyes, and watch your breath for a few moments. Bring to mind a memory of adeep heart-opening musical experience. Allow yourself to drop into this memory as completely as you can, into the essence of the experience. Relax any confining limitations of your heart and allow your centered awareness to expand with the resonance of the memory. Breathe more deeply, yet still relaxed.

Feel for an expanded field of energy emanating from your heart (which is ameasurable electromagnetic field) into the practice room. Allow your awareness to fill this space. In this space, create the simplest of notes. Infuse these notes not with emotionality of love, but rather with the fullness of universal Love.

Finally, feel for the effect of your intentional music. Do you feel different? Does the room feel different? Don’t be surprised if people ask “what is that beautiful piece!” when all you are doing are scales.

30. The Koan of Inspired Vibration

Meditate for a minute or two, and then dive into a polished piece. Afterwards, bring yourself back into silence. Feel for any awakening vibration of energy, presence, or inspiration within.

Return to the music, with the plan to return to silence again. Feel more deeply, allow yourself the chance to perceive for a subtle vibration or nuance within. It may be extremely tiny, but don’t discard it. Magnify it.

Enter the music for a third time, and this time dive as deep into silence after. Feel for any increase of energy or vibration within.

Instruments produce sound with bows, air, or hammers. Now ask this simple question: “What is causing this energy to vibrate?” This is truly a koan, but will take you even deeper into the experience.

31. Leverage your Afterglow 

Here’s how to internalize your well-deserved boost of energy not only for future success, but for immediate inner joy:

Find a time and space to meditate. Too soon after and the outward flow of energy will be too strong. Try too late and you miss the window of energy.

The key is to utilize the energy that you feel. Turn it inward and upward towards complete joy.

Perhaps you can visualizing yourself as the electrode in the center of a plasma globe: reverse the energy to flow instead to your center, and then up to the positive pole at the spiritual eye.

Or inside the quiet of a sliced inside-out tennis ball (the felt feels great on the inside).

Finally, simply concentrating at the point between the eyebrows will help focus the energy there and improve the flow and return it to its source. The connection becomes complete.

Benefits to look for: clarity, deep calmness, and a rising inner joy.

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