I’m thrilled to be back in Portland, and will be offering this 90 minute lecture/performance on Saturday, September 21 at the Community Music Center from 10:30 am — 12 noon. I’ll be performing movements from Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and my own compositions interwoven with a presentation on sympathetic resonance: how gifted performers take the listener into an experience of the composer’s source of inspiration. I’ll be joined by Maria Garcia on piano.

As performers, our goal is to connect with inspiration and learn how to access it on a consistent basis. As listeners, we have our deepest experiences when we bring ourselves into resonance with what Brahms, Beethoven, and other great masters spoke of as their source of creativity.

In this interactive lecture/performance we will explore:

•    the deep relationship between music and consciousness

•    resonating with inspiration as a performer or listener

•    how to Increase awareness while performing and listening

Saturday, September 21

10:30 am — 12 noon

$15 adult, $10 student (discounts available for CMC members and students)

Community Music Center

3350 SE Francis Street
Portland, OR 97202

(503) 823-3177 phone

cmc@portlandoregon.gov e-mail




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