I went live for an hour on Facebook yesterday to play healing cello music and discovered that Yo-Yo Ma did the exact same thing at the exact same time (#SongsOfComfort).

Musicians, the world needs us. We may not be able to publicly perform for this next while, but we desperately need to share music to calm, comfort, heal and encourage.

I went live on Facebook with the intention of creating a movement of musicians as healers. Can you imagine with me a YouTube channel that was live 24/7 with musicians offering their music with the intention of giving aid through the vibration of sound?

Recordings are great, but there is something in the connection, even done remotely, that you feel when someone is in realtime with you. You feel their attention, you feel their listening, you feel their hearts much more than you do in a recording.

This is where I would love some help. How do we go about creating such a broadcast mechanism that can be centrally located and streamed?

In the meantime, here is my challenge for you: broadcast a live video in the next few days (tag me so that I can help spread the word). Play or sing something simply beautiful, no matter how simple or imperfect. Infuse your focus, your intention, your light and your heart into your music, with the listeners in mind. Think not of the critics and put aside your fear of being judged. Think of those who are desperate for some solace and the beauty you have to offer.

For those of you interested in learning how to go deeper in your healing abilities through music, I’ll be offering more instruction on how to become a Musician of Light in the coming weeks.

Stay safe, healthy, and hopeful.

What Yo-Yo Ma and I did yesterday at the same moment

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