The solstice is tonight. I am deep in wonder what the return of the light will bring. What will happen as I choose to stay open? Will I have the courage to take off my lampshade that hides my light?

I mentioned at the beginning of this series the song, “This Little Light of Mine”, remembering that my spiritual teacher had asked me why I hid my Light under a bushel. I didn’t know what to say, because I was unable to see the lampshade I had built around me.

The truth is, I have many lampshades, from the semi-transparent timidity to the black-out shade of fear, all constructed with wires of self-doubt. These shades have been my companions all through my life. I started wearing them as a child in the hopes that they would help me blend in, and maybe keep me safe.

But my shades kept me dim. I look back at my life and wonder what might have been different had I chosen to shine more consciously. The truth is, I was afraid of the Light. What would it ask of me? Where would it lead me?

The return of the light

So as the earth heads into another cycle, this is another opportunity to recommit to sharing the Light that I’ve found. The best way I can do that is through love. A love that is courageous, kind, and strong, a love that calls me to live fearlessly.

I’m beginning to realize that the lampshades are simply the different shades of my ego. and the Light is my true essence. But the Light can be bright, and when it sheds light on things that I’d rather not see about myself, back on go the shades.

When that happens, I’m learning how to breathe, to see, to accept, and to move forward with compassion and love. This practice brings me closer and closer to what I truly want – to live in that Light consistently.

And what, again, is this Light? It is the Light behind all true religions, the universal source from which we feel all upliftment, joy, peace, and love. The more universal I realize it is, the greater the expansion of Light I feel, unencumbered by dogmatic systems of belief, beheld in every soul that recognizes their own spirituality.

Will you help me?

2019 has been a landmark year in so many ways. So much discovery, so much joy. Thank you for being with me this past year!

But where will this Light lead me next year? I ask for your help, friends. Remind me to take off my shade. Remind me to keep shining bravely, in every note, in every word. Remind me by shining your Light ever more brightly.

Together, we can shine.

Remove the Lampshade (Shine Your Light #7)
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One thought on “Remove the Lampshade (Shine Your Light #7)

  • December 21, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    Beautifully said, dear David! You ARE the Light, and try not to forget it! 🙂 And it is a beautiful, bright, joyful light that blesses all who interact with you. Thanks for being such a magnetic divine friend.


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