I loved building circuit boards in 5th grade. It wasn’t rocket science, but I felt a sense of satisfaction when my fumbling fingers connected the circuit and the tiny bulb finally lit up. Something clicked on in me, and it felt good. I smiled.

A bright child

What makes a child bright? It isn’t only intelligence. I’ve seen many a smart 4th grader with dark attitudes that dim their light.

To me, a bright child has energy and chooses light. They aren’t afraid to own their feelings of happiness and joy. They usually have the good fortune of being nurtured by loving adults, or have learned that life is better with bright attitudes, despite challenging circumstances. These children bring out the best in my teaching.

Are we still bright adults?

But why don’t we also talk about adults being bright? Is it that too many of us have gone dark? Or that being bright only shows up when we are being educated?

I still love learning. It lights me up. I’m not enrolled in any formal classes. but I learn from life, from friends, from my own aha! moments. It doesn’t have to be something huge and monumental – it’s often a slight nuance to shape a musical phrase more beautifully, expand my understanding, or help me reclaim who I am on my deepest level.

Learning is a key to brightness. Keep learning. Keep growing.

Connect the circuits, light the bulb

I realize now that when my light shines, my circuits must finally be correctly connected: sleep, nutrition, and support on the outside; meditation, devotion, and inspiration on the inside.

Other days, darkness prevails from a broken connection of frustration, fear, or fatigue.

Sometimes I just need to sleep, which often fixes my funk. Or put down the bag of Trader Joe’s Crisp and Crunchy Mochi and eat something green. Or simply face an issue calmly and breathe my way through resistance. Sooner or later, my light comes back on.

But how can I turn on more quickly and brightly? By energizing my circuits. Here’s what works for me:

I’m fortunate to have found the Energization Exercises that Paramhansa Yogananda taught (you can check them out here). They are absolutely fantastic for recharging the body and mind. I’ve been doing them every day for the past 20+ years. More on that in the next post, Recharge Your Battery.

Humor is so important. I try to get a good laugh everyday, grateful for my daughter who loves sharing dad jokes with me!

I surround myself with energized, positive, optimistic people. Even when I’m feeling dim, I’ve learned that darkness is not really where I want to linger.

Speaking of darkness, though, I’m working on bringing my darkness into the light, to be seen, recognized, healed and released. It’s a process, to be sure.

Your smile is your bulb

When your inner circuits are connected, your face shines. Your eyes radiate brightness, and your smile is brilliant. Bring to mind a recent moment that lit you up. Feel how it changes your heart, softens your eyes, and engages your smile. Practice keeping that circuit complete.

Perhaps to share light with this world, the circuits we connect are these: your heart, your eyes, and your smile. Try it and see. Shine brightly today.



Energize Your Circuits (Shine Your Light #5)

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  • September 29, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Wonderful message, David, as usual. Keep ’em coming!


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