A river runs through it

How would you live your life if you could draw from an unlimited river of energy to fuel your light? If instead of staying stuck, you could draw from an unending current of inspiration?

Unlimited power runs through this incredible universe. We can tap into and draw from the positive current using discrimination, willpower, and strong intention.

A horrible month for movies

Just as there is incredible sources of light in this world, there’s also plenty of darkness. September and October are my least favorite months for going out to a movie. Too many dark, horrific, and icky films.

I find darkness not only in movies, TV, music and books, but also in the news, politics, bad relationships, and myself.

The current for dark energy is just as strong as it is for light, and can even be more enticing. Darkness has its own power and magnetism, and we all have free will. So the first thing to ask is:

What do you want?

If you want more light in your life, then choose the sword of discrimination to be your weapon for cutting through the zombies of darkness that assail us: angry headlines, prejudice, unkindness, and a fear that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Use discrimination. Watch how your energy is affected by what you consume and attune yourself to. Don’t be a blind doormat to what our society feeds us. Instead, create your own electric circuits of positivity and higher energy.

Here are 3 ways to draw a higher current of light into our lives:

1. Improve your social environment. Simply put, if where you are brings you down, find a better place to be. I’ll never forget having to change my crowd when I discovered how bad they were for me. I was amazed at the difference it made overnight. Find those who uplift your energy by just being near them.

2. Monitor your intake. Just as proper diet affects your body and mind, what you read, watch, and listen to dramatically affects your ability to draw a stronger current. Avoid the dark when possible. Gravitate to media that leaves you feeling better than when you started. It’s not easy to find, but it’s well worth the search.

3. Create opportunity for growth. Put yourself somewhere that requires you to shine with love and serve with light. Teach something that inspires you, or share a post about what lights you up. Or perhaps if you’re brave enough, be a light in dark places. Go somewhere where light is needed the most: inner city schools (they need so much of our love), prisons, homeless shelters, and even nursing homes.

The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy

Oddly enough, it takes energy to want to draw higher voltages of energy. That’s where willpower comes in, one of the three prongs I mentioned in Plug In.

What fuels willpower? Feeling. The more I feel the benefits of drawing a higher current, the more I want to keep at it. And that just takes practice.

Practice and feel

Practice gets a bad rap, because it usually focuses on shortcomings. But practicing with light, with connecting to a higher current of energy, is thrilling. Just to hold the intent of drawing from the current opens a door to amazing changes. The universe responds to any effort you put out. Even up to as much as tripling your efforts.

When I practice drawing from the current, I feel my fullest potential awakening from within. I feel a thrill that I can be so much more. But am also frightened, not knowing what awaits.

No matter what my life will look like as I commit more and more to this process, I know this for certain: as I continue to draw from the current, the light in me will shine more brightly.

That’s worth plugging into.




Draw the Current (Shine Your Light #4)

One thought on “Draw the Current (Shine Your Light #4)

  • September 23, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    Thank you for another good blog. I totally agree, no matter what your level of expertise, you can only get better if we relax, empty our minds of the Noise assailing us constantly and just play with the love I have for my cello. Same goes for my painting ( watercolors, not walls). Relax, empty my mind and begin the dance between color and paper.
    So glad I met you through the Bodhi trio in Astoria! I LOVE your words!
    Phyllis (fellow IU cello grad) say hi to Kevin for me some time. Too.


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