Step one of Shine Your Light is to open the blinds to let more ambient light into your life.

Step two is to plug in your inner lamp to your source of light.

Your light is your energy, your level of consciousness, the spark of the Divine within you. This light of yours shines through your eyes, comes through your voice, expresses through your movement.

Where does this light come from? Can you produce it? Or is there some greater reality at play?

I strive to connect to a source of light beyond any boxy, dogmatic conception of God. My source doesn’t need anyone’s belief—it simply exists. Some days I’m much more able to connect than others. It always comes down to a choice – do I choose the light or turn away?

To find your source, take a look at your favorite activities. Take music, for example: Do you ever marvel at how your favorite music gets your energy going? Where does that energy come from? Did you create or manufacture this energy? Or did you tune into it by conscious, receptive listening?

Our energy awakens when we connect to something greater than ourselves. People connect with their source through music, creativity, sports, you name it. We comment how “bright” some children are—they are less inhibited to shine their light, and are more connected to their source. They show us how easy it is to enter a state of flow, completely immersing themselves in the pure joy of the moment.

That which puts you into a state of flow can connect you to your source of light. Find your flow, find your source.

Your 3-pronged plug of Willpower, Devotion, and Receptivity


Today is one of those days. I’m fighting off a downward pull of depression with everything I’ve got. I see and acknowledge my sadness, and am countering it with an upward power of will to stay focused on the positive and on the light. I’ll continue to use my will by swimming this afternoon (activity always helps improve energy), and will avoid self-indulging my moods by practicing something completely new for me—sing and play cello at the same time.


Willpower is the desire to plug in and the raw energy to make it happen. Devotion points us toward the correct outlet. I’ve been asking myself: Where and how do we actually plug in? The image that comes to me is an upward offering from the heart toward the prefrontal lobes of the brain.

Devotion is built on practice—by directly experimenting with engaging your open heart and following the upward energy. Begin to notice any change. Devotion is completely personal—no one can give it to you. That’s what makes it so precious when you finally have it.


Just like a lamp receives the flow of electricity, I have to be receptive to a flow of energy, a flow of light if I want to shine light out to others. However, this receptivity requires vulnerability. Sometimes when I feel down, I foolishly refuse any light that someone might offer. It’s only when I take a chance to open up and feel that I get myself out my funk.

To increase my receptivity, I use my willpower to activate devotion to my source of light.

I’ll leave you with this incredible poem by Rabindranath Tagore.

Light the Lamp of Thy Love :

In my house, with Thine own hands,
Light the lamp of Thy love!
Thy transmuting lamp entrancing,
Wondrous are its rays.
Change my darkness to Thy light, Lord!
Change my darkness to Thy light.
And my evil into good.
Touch me but once and I will change,
All my clay into Thy gold
All the sense lamps that I did light
Sooted into worries
Sitting at the door of my soul,
Light Thy resurrecting lamp!

Find your source. Plug in. Feel the light shine within.


Plug In (Shine Your Light #2)

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