If you want more light in your life, open your blinds.

That seems so simple, so easy — just open up!

But perhaps you’ve experienced how difficult it is to develop new willingness around fixed habits.

And trying to open that which keeps you separate (or blind) from the light can indeed be difficult, especially for people like me who struggle with letting go of the security that dimness seems to provide.

I have an image of my teenage self being rudely awakened on a Saturday morning by someone yanking the curtains open. Some days it feels like the light asks too much of me. Sometimes I just want to go back to sleep and be left alone.

Doubtful, Afraid, and Unworthy

When I’m feeling depressed, I doubt that the light is real. I fall victim to the common delusion that life is suffering. I should stay as comfortable as possible in my little box.

Or I fear that the light will ask too much of me. I doubt my ability, I doubt my energy. I doubt that the universe will support me if I follow where the light leads.

Or worse, I hide myself behind a sense of unworthiness. Why should a simple boy like me be granted access to such bright empowerment?

Life seems so much easier when I turn away from the light and stumble through the dimness of my own limitation.

But when I close my inner blinds, I’m haunted by a sense of diminishment, a settling for less than brilliant. Like me, you may be tempted to close the blinds, because the light may shine in places that we’d rather keep dark, or on issues we’d rather not see.

Letting in the light takes effort, and it takes courage. Be strong in your willingness.

The truth about light

But here are fantastic aspects of light: light always loves, and light always heals. Yes, sometimes we experience harsh sunlight and “the cold light of day,” but the light we’re talking about shares itself with warmth and kindness.

Light always leads to expansion, opposing the contraction of darkness. Opening to light will always lead to a greater sense of well-being.

But beware! Once you open your blinds, you can’t “unsee” the light. The memory may haunt you day after day to grow into your highest expression, to open to light one step at a time.

I remember so vividly my experience in Assisi, Italy, where my rare inner sight opened to a great, powerfully loving white light. I remember thinking through my sobs of joy and recognition, “how could I have ever doubted this existence of THIS?” The light didn’t have a voice, it didn’t have a name, it didn’t belong in just one religion. It was pure white light and energy. The memory of it calls me to my highest, even on days when I doubt myself the most.

Thank goodness for breath

Here is one way to open your inner blinds:

  1. Put your body in a safe, quiet environment.
  2. Begin by drawing deep, relaxed breaths with a soft belly.
  3. Bring your awareness to your heart, and relax there.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize light surrounding your whole body.
  5. With each inhalation, begin to open your inner blinds.
  6. Breathe more deeply into the vulnerability that may arise.
  7. Bathe in the light, one breath at a time.
  8. Soak in worthiness.
  9. Absorb, heal, and release.

I think you will find that even this simple visualization will have great effect.

Daily reminders

  • Use the bright September sun to remind you of your potential to shine. Befriend the Autumn sun and enjoy before the rains!
  • As you stand in front of a mirror, envision light shining deeply into your reflection. Is there a change in their (your) eyes?
  • If you have curtains or blinds, inwardly open yourself as you draw them open. When closing them, see if you can challenge yourself to stay open inwardly.
  • When feeling any tension in your breath, visualize light flowing in with the air, soaking and warming you from the inside out.

Next up: Plug in!


Open Your Blinds (Shine Your Light #1)
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