Just this past week I’ve had the opportunity to say YES to an opportunity that terrified me. It has been a long-standing practice of mine to say YES (within reason) to opportunities that arise, but this opportunity is a whole new level of challenge. What if I’m truly in over my head? What if words fail, and I fumble everything? Aren’t there others more qualified to do this?

But those others weren’t asked—I was.

This challenge came right in the midst of an inspiring weekend with two spiritual dynamos, Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, who led a weekend of Hope for a Better World.

One of the tangible examples they gave is how, even in the midst of great outer intensity, we can be completely inwardly relaxed.


Seeing both of them so centered and relaxed, I’ve resolved to develop my own DCR:

Dynamic Centered Relaxation.

Dynamic, not passive relaxation means that I’m using my effort, energy and will to relax, to release mental and physical tension, to move, speak and play with the greatest amount of ease.

Centered relaxation means that I’m living, moving, thinking, feeling not from an anxious periphery, but from the strength of my core, my spine, my heart.

Relaxation, in context with Dynamic and Centered, means not a decrease of energy into a subconscious passive state, but living with less fear and more trust, meeting the challenge with with a HIGHER level of energy and intention.

I must admit that the past 4 years of starting this new venture has been scary and unpredictable. I drive all over town, teaching at 5 different schools throughout the Portland area. It’s intense, but here’s what I’ve learned:

I don’t have control over what the universe will ask of me, but I do have control over how I can:

  1. choose to be inwardly free and breathe deeply throughout any circumstance,
  2. choose to respond rather than react,
  3. release the tension of controlling desired outcomes,
  4. replace worry with a powerfully centered faith that my every need will be met, and
  5. raise my energy to meet the challenge by positive application of will power.

Being a classroom teacher, I’m faced with these opportunities on a daily basis. Some days it seems like a game: the more I resolve to be centered, the more crazy the behavior from the kids. The universe keeps reminding me how my success will never be measured by how well I can control the classroom, but how well I can lead the energy from chaos into harmony.

One of the ways I lead students into cohesion for better learning is through simple techniques of meditation. I’d like to invite you my weekend teacher training coming up in August.

And the challenge I mentioned above? It will be thrilling. Gratitude to to my friends who reminded me of what I do well!

The Terrifying Aspect of Willingness

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