We celebrate Independence Day for our country, but use this day to also focus on of the inner freedoms that you can claim for yourself.

Have you won the freedom of inner peace?

Don’t be dominated by the incessant outward flow of energy into this turbulent world we live in. Take the time to go within, to find that haven of peace. Meditation is one of the best ways to recharge yourself for the ongoing battles you fight in this life.

Have you won the freedom to follow your own dharma?

Following your calling isn’t easy—it demands creativity, energy, solution consciousness, and perseverance. But the victory of following your dharma, your “right action,” gives a satisfaction that supports you deeply through all of life’s trials.

Have you won the freedom from desires and attachments?

Life tests you all the time. Your new car gets a dent. A relationship makes a sudden turn. The perfect job doesn’t seem so perfect anymore. We spend so much time and energy on “if only”s. Claim freedom, power and strength in your heart by mentally severing the cords of attachment that bind you to things, people and conditions.

Have you won the freedom to be happy under any circumstance?

Circumstances are always neutral—it is only our reactions to them that chain us to the bondages of likes and dislikes. Have the courage to go against the grain of society that tells us that we can only be happy if we have this, that, him or her. Be free inside, even while fighting for outward freedoms and justice.

Have you won the freedom to share your joy?

As you put forth the effort to win the freedoms above, you’ll start to find your source of inner joy. Once you’ve found that source, share your victories. Not through any dogmatism of religion or belief, but simply by your words, your love, and your radiance. It’s amazing how magnetic even just a smile of freedom can be, and how welcome it is by others searching for what you’ve found.

It took years to win our American independence. Your inner freedoms, likewise, can only come from steadfast effort. Though it takes time, one small victory leads to another, granting more peace, dedication, and power to your efforts. Invest the fruits of every victory into the next inner battle of life, and you will find yourself ever closer to true inner freedom.

What Freedoms Have You Won for Yourself?

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