Fear is ripping our country apart.Fear

How can we as musicians fight this pervading fear? How can we best be instruments of change? We need to act more than ever, but expressions of anger and frustration don’t lead to the solutions so desperately needed.


Yes, one solution is to raise awareness of what is happening, but another is to fight the fear—from our strong center of truth.

Music takes us into our center of strength. Music directly influences our consciousness.

I saw it over and over again on the days following the election. Every student came into their lesson or rehearsal depressed, but left encouraged and energized, open to solution consciousness and right action.

What is the antidote to fear?

Hope is one. Faith another. How easy it is to loose faith and hope in these times.

But music is a treasury of hope in times of fear.

Use music to access your calm center. Use music to give you strength to resist the downward pull of fear, worry and anger. When we succumb to negativity, darkness wins.

We need tremendous energy to fight this fear. Find music that gives you hope, that lifts you out of the negative emotions that so many of us are dealing with.

Our Bodhi Trio performs a house concert Sunday evening. In choosing what to play, we realized that some pieces may seem too light and trivial. But by the end of the dress rehearsal, we were healed yet again. Wholeness was reclaimed, steadying us for the long battle ahead to heal this nation from a place of integrity.

Our greatest responsibility is to not only fight the fear, but to perform with higher consciousness—to resonate with inner strength and fortitude in the face of fear. To be nothing short of beacons of light.

But we don’t have to rely on our just our own resources. Every note before us can lead us to our higher potential.

Here’s how to access an ocean of fuel:

  1. Come to a place of stillness.
  2. Take a beloved piece of music and play it with your full focus, undeterred by any mistakes that come.
  3. After the last note, listen inside. What has changed?
  4. Invest the change into your next repeat.
  5. Perceive again for what has changed.
  6. Keep investing, keep perceiving.

Follow where this leads. Rise above fear from this genuine inner experience. Broadcast it in every note you play. In every word you speak. In every thought you think.

May you find solace and strength.


Fighting Fear with the Fuel of Music

One thought on “Fighting Fear with the Fuel of Music

  • November 13, 2016 at 8:49 am

    David, Thank you for your words of wisdom. I, too, turn to music at times of grief, anxiety and fear. That is in addition to the usual flow of music in my life.


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