I received an awesome birthday present yesterday: a moment of realization!

As I conducted my choir of meditators, I felt the purest Divine presence. It left no room for littleness of egoic pride, insecurity, anger, control, ambition. It was 100% benign, holding vibrations or frequencies of only the highest levels: unconditional love, peace, and deep joy.

I realized that everything I learned in a lifetime of music and 20 years of meditation has prepared me to become a musical curator of consciousness.

What this means is that I have developed the ability to attract, cultivate and amplify higher states of consciousness (joy, peace, unconditional love) through music.

Responsibilities of a Curator of Consciousness:

  1. Get out of the way and let the inspiration and tangible presence come through.
  2. Focus within on the tangible presence, however it may be perceived. What we focus on becomes stronger.
  3. Use will power to maintain high energy and focus.
  4. Let go of petty likes and dislikes.
  5. Mentally expand the atmosphere and vibe. The nature of joy is to share itself.
  6. Keep it real. Do the work.

But what kind of work? For me, meditation. It helps me get to the deeper truth of who I am, far beyond my desires, likes and dislikes. It brings me into attunement with the higher states of consciousness I aspire to. In daily activity, it’s keeping my mind upwardly focused on the positive. I have to watch the company I keep (people, entertainment, thoughts) to avoid the snares of bad habits that keep me from experiencing the higher states of consciousness.

Can these states of higher consciousness build houses? No. Grow food? Not really. But I have the opportunity in anything I do to infuse my activity with that presence of higher consciousness.

But music itself changes consciousness. Shopping malls use music to keep you light and happy. Sports arenas pump it out to keep an edge.  Movie composers choose their music to craft our emotional response to a particular scene.

with Swami Kriyananda
with Swami Kriyananda

Early on in my studies with Swami Kriyananda I learned that

Music is not a matter of taste. It is a matter of consciousness.

In other words, we are drawn to music that resonates at our same level of consciousness: anger, depression, longing, courage, joy, love etc.

I choose to be a musician that invites and uplifts others into states of higher consciousness. To attract, sustain, and amplify the higher vibrations which our world needs so desperately in this time of uncertainty. To specialize in sharing higher levels of consciousness.

This is my dharma. This is my duty.




Musicians: Curators of Consciousness

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