I was deeply discouraged when I read the news about the hate-crime tragedy in South Carolina that left 9 dead yesterday. I feel deeply for those who mourn. In sending thoughts and prayers to the families, I’m frustrated that life isn’t balancing out like it is supposed to.

According to ancient wisdom, life on earth is based on duality—what comes up must come down. The balance of good and evil. Light and darkness.

Last night’s act was an incredible explosion of darkness. One single act caused immediate irreparable damage to so many. Loss of life. Grief. Despair. Anger.

Where is the counterbalance? If one person can wreak so much suffering in under a minute, then where are the people setting off explosions of light?

Where are the people who walk in firing blasts of positive energy, unconditional love, compassion and hope?

Where are the news headlines about people who create expanding radiations of light, not grief, that actually give us energy?

There are many, you will tell me, and I know that there are. My own spiritual teacher Paramhansa Yogananda changed lives instantly.

But why does it take being a spiritual master to be able to wreak immediate explosive positive change?

Why can’t I do it?

Indeed, why not?

Often, I get frustrated at how acts of love, compassion and hope seem to have much less immediate impact than those done in hate. It’s like the kindergarten bully who comes in and knocks down the building blocks. It takes time and a lot of energy to build them back up again, but only a second to destroy.

But here’s what I’m going to do:

Tonight I’m rehearsing in a church not unlike the one in South Carolina. From the minute I walk in, I am going to blast Light from my center. From my eyes, from my voice, from my cello. I’m going to use everything I’ve learned and talk about.

I am going to be an activist! I am going to beam the laser of higher consciousness, of light and peace, with all the power that I can pull in from the universe.

Join me if you can.




How to counterbalance hate crime
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