For me, it all comes down to three things:

  1. A deep enjoyable stillness in my breathing and heart that continually invites me deeper.
  2. A presence of clarity and energy that keeps me going without fatigue.
  3. A concentrated energy in the prefrontal lobes of my brain (at the third, or spiritual, eye).

For me, being inspired does not include:

  • choirs of angels appearing in vision (but would’t that be fun!)
  • hearing voices that are not my own
  • an adrenaline rush that leaves me exhausted afterwards

For me, inspiration isn’t loud, but it is powerful.

It doesn’t feel like an outward intrusion, but rather an amplification of my own highest potential.

It doesn’t bring me into frenzied activity, but rather into deeper clarity and concentration with an energy that isn’t limited by my own physical resources.

I’m not suddenly able to do things I never did before, but it does give my the courage and confidence to try.

Inspiration can never be a substitute for the real work.

But it makes the real work much more enjoyable to do.

Inspiration isn’t going to magically enable me to sight-read a concerto perfectly, but it does give me the space to learn it as quickly and deeply as possible.

Inspiration doesn’t magically make every post I write perfect, but it does infuse a presence that hopefully survives the inevitable editing.

Inspiration isn’t going to magically give me the perfect words to use with my BRAVO students, but it does provide an energy that they tangibly feel from me, and holds open the possibility for the right words to come.

Inspiration doesn’t give me any superhuman powers, but it does expand my awareness from my center into whatever room I find myself. It opens me to deeper insights that don’t come from my rational thought.

It allows me to hold open the space for others to find their own peace, and then their own inspiration.

Looking for this kind of inspiration? I’m happy to help.

How do I know if I am inspired?

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