Your SHOULD care. A LOT.

Here’s why:

When your audience knows who you are, and that you care about them, then they care about what you know.

Even though this is a philosophy in public speaking, it still resonates deeply in the music business, and has a great impact on your success.

In my musical training I was trained to care a great deal about intonation, phrasing, rhythm and dynamics, but not so much about the audience. In fact, the more I cared about what the audience thought of me, the worse my experience was.

But it isn’t about what the audience THINKS of you. It’s what they EXPERIENCE with you that brings them in more deeply. When the audience knows that you care about their experience, they are much more willing to invest $$$ with you again and again.

So how do you show the audience that you care about their experience?

It is not enough to practice the notes, rehearse the phrasing, and aim to perform perfectly—

You need to offer the best hospitality possible.

Think of it this way: when you host a party, you unclutter your house and provide the best food, drink, music and atmosphere.

The minute you walk onstage, you step into your role as a host. If you reach out through your music, heart and energy, their experience cannot but be improved.

Why? Because your energy, thoughts and feelings have resonance.

Unclutter your performance: still your mind, open your heart and get out of the way.

Give the audience the space to experience the music however they may: for a boost energy, upliftment, release or wholeness. Don’t narrow their experience for them by trying to control, like a host who hovers constantly.

There will be some who come to crash your party—to skim the surface of your notes without connecting deeply. They come for your technique, not your MUSIC, and there isn’t much you can do except be gracious.

And sometimes you have to perform when under high stress or aren’t feeling that great. But still you can invite the audience into your performance:

  • make eye contact while walking on stage
  • expand your energy to fill the hall
  • offer thoughts of blessing

And then get out of the way—allow inspiration to resonate through you. Remove the baffles of negativity, ego, fear and doubt.

It IS possible to show them that you care through every note you perform. But in the end, it won’t be something they will hear, read, or see.

It will be something they can SENSE.

Take care of yourself, your instrument, and the music, and then give your audience the care that will take everyone, including your own self, deeper into the musical experience.

How much should you CARE about your audience?

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