The magic in our musicDecember, with its open-hearted spirit of giving and some of the most beautiful music ever written, provides the perfect opportunity to feel for the moments of magic in our lives.

Like what happened on our road trip last week to California:

My daughter, stretched out on the back seat of our car, reached through the gap in the seats to touch my arm.

That simple touch was all it took.

There, on the highway in the middle of the night, the energy from all our years of love and patience instantly surged through her nine-year-old hand and into my heart. The endless road noise disappeared. My weary stiffness vanished.

In that magical moment I glimpsed the bigger picture of a life that ends well when lived from the heart.

Tiny moments of love, repeated thousands of time, create magic.

I see this every day through the gift and love of music.

I spend my afternoons working with the BRAVO Youth Orchestra in North Portland, providing rigorous musical training and the love of music to underserved 3rd and 4th graders. Extraordinary magic happens there.

I perform onstage with the Oregon Symphony, and plunge into the magical intuitive flow that brings a band of 80 musicians into exquisite precision and blend of sound.

I direct a choir of veteran meditators at Ananda Portland, and tangibly feel the magical resonance of inspiration as they sing.

I teach workshops on Symphonic Meditation for Inspired Performance. I write about the magical change I experience in my energy and consciousness.

My life is filled with magical moments, yet I find myself searching for more.

So I turn to music.

Music offers infinite gifts to :

  • deepen our awareness, open our hearts and feel for the inspiration hidden within.
  • share our tangible experience with listeners.
  • experience timeless flow, a blissful union with the music, performers and audience.

Even though we don’t know how thoughts and feelings come through sound, it shouldn’t stop us from exploring. I don’t know exactly how electricity works, but that doesn’t stop me from using it every chance I get.

Because it is about real experience, not blind belief or empty theory.

If you only knew what happens when you spend thousands of intentional moments opening to the magic of inspiration. You build a magnetic groove of upward moving energy, and tangible inspiration blossoms from the slightest touch within the music.

Some of the most beautiful music will be performed this month. Use your upcoming concerts (as listener or performer) to practice when it is easy to feel the resonance of inspiration within you:

  1. Be ready in your next concert for a piece to really inspire you.
  2. Relax and open your heart to deepen your perception.
  3. Take whatever you experience and offer it into the upward flow of inspiration.
  4. Knowing that you CAN be moved in such a way, keep yourself open for the next piece. Was it the same, was it different? If so, how?
  5. Repeat again and again, with the knowledge that you CAN perceive a great deal more than you may have realized.

Whatever you put your attention on becomes stronger within you. Every moment you spend deepening your awareness builds the magnetism and framework for the big magic to happen. You attract the power to move and inspire others through your music and uplifted presence.

Every current moment of this deep perception is a gift.

That is why we call it the present.

It’s time to unwrap yours.

Unwrap Your Magical Moments in Music

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