Yogananda and lionI love this prayer-demand from Paramhansa Yogananda’s Whispers from Eternity:





A lion-cub of the Divine Mother, I was somehow thrown into life in the sheep-fold of human frailties. Living long with the sheep of fear, failure and disease, I bleated with weakness. I forgot my roars which had frightened away all wicked, pestering sorrows.

O Lion of Realization, Thou didst drag me away from the sheep-fold unto the waters of meditation. And Thou didst say: “Open thine eyes and roar!” But I kept my eyes tightly closed and bleated with fear. The roar of Thy wisdom reverberated through me, and Thy hard shakings of spiritual urge made me open my eyes. Lo! there in the crystal pool of peace, Thou didst show me my face to be like Thine!

Now, I know I am the Lion of cosmic power. I will no more bleat in fear of weakness and suffering: I will roar with the vibrant power of the Almighty! Bounding in the forest of experiences, I will seize the little creatures of vexing worries, the timid fears, and wild hyenas of disbelief, and devour them ruthlessly.

O Lion of Immortality, roar through me Thine all-conquering power of wisdom!

This was me as a young teenager, bleating with fear, low self-esteem, shallow pride, and weak magnetism:

Me at 13. I’m a sheep.

I just found this picture in a box of old stuff, and when I pulled it out of the envelope I did NOT want to look at it. I was ashamed to even acknowledge its existence because it showed so clearly a time in my life where I had no roar. I also realized that the feelings I had then—fear, unworthiness, and doubt—have carried over in my subconscious to this day. I could feel that low-level energy resonating within me. It was time to come to terms NOW.

So I wrote a letter to myself, telling myself of successes and the incredible inner journey to come. I urged myself to let go of fear and follow my passion for music. Hesitantly, I embraced and loved this self-shamed awkward part of my past. I reminded my younger self that indeed, I AM a lion!

Strangely enough, it worked. Somehow the space-time post office has restored my roar of inspiration that has stayed with me now for these past 24 hours, and shows no sign of letting up.

So here’s a challenge to those of you with a history of low-self esteem:

1. Take out your most embarrassing picture (I bet your mom still has it!), and dive into the memories of being you. Listen for the bleating of your low self-esteem, and see if it hasn’t carried over through the years.

2. Write yourself a letter listing all of the successes and inspiration to come. (I hope your greatest moments weren’t just in high school!)

3. Accept the part of you that remains from those days. Embrace it. Love it without holding back.

4. If you dare, share the picture with someone you trust. Celebrate success.

4. See what happens! Feel for a release of energy over the next coming days.

I’d love to know if this works for you.

May you find your inner roar!

The Roar of Inspiration

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