Computer crashes…website troubles…email issues…fatal errors…

Step 1. Call the IT dept.

Step 2. Have THEM fix it.

Step 3. Done!

High Blood Pressure…flu…choleseral…cough or cold…

Step 1. Call the doctor.

Step 2. Have THEM fix it.

Step 3. Done!

Loss of inspiration…performance anxiety…lack of concentration…self doubt…

Step 1. Call…hmmm…your higher self?

Step 2. Have…them fix it? Umm…

Step 3. Can someone please help me?

Let’s face it—if we don’t have a quick and easy way to fix things from an app, chatline, or overpriced drug, it’s hard to feel secure. We buy insurances, tech support plans and warranties to cover all the weird stuff that comes up with life, but is there insurance for happiness? Tech support for inspiration?


Perhaps you may choose to ignore it. Like the app that doesn’t work well anymore but isn’t worth logging in for the upgrade. Or the cough that lingers but hasn’t killed you…yet.

But are you really willing to live your life to the end of your days on dial-up speed inspiration? Are you waiting for the challenging circumstances of life to improve (or just stop!) so that you can reclaim your happiness?

You know that inspiration exists. Unlike webpages that have mysteriously disappeared, inspiration is always there. You’ve been there before, and you owe it to yourself and your audience to reclaim it again.

This is what I am here to help you do. I am hosting a retreat in July to give you the opportunity to dive deep into reconnecting with your source of inspiration, overcome stage fright and share their gift of highest potential.

At this retreat we will provide:

  1. a safe, uplifting environment to find solutions,
  2. workshops to reclaim your right to inspiration at will,
  3. 100% support and positive energy,
  4. opportunities to beta test new ways of performing,
  5. full time tech support for rewriting your inner source code using The Four Accords of Inspiration.

The inspiration is there.

It’s waiting for you.

Just as you have a right to email and good health, you deserve to know the feeling of connecting with the music and your audience on levels usually reserved for the gifted.

Join us!

Experience inspired performance for yourself.


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