I’m back in California for a week of concerts that includes a performance of Handel’s Zadok the Priest (no, Zadok isn’t from Dr. Who). This rousing Coronation Anthem is a setting of Old Testament text which emphasizes the word “Allelujah”, and is so powerful that it is now used as the theme song for the EUFA European soccer tournament.

This week’s challenge for you is this: can you feel Alleluiah at will? Can you tune in to that genuine feeling of upward soaring energy even when life is at its most challenging? For Alleluiah is not meant to be a passing emotion solely reliant on your favorite team winning the cup.

Alleluiah is meant for YOU, anytime, anywhere, regardless of where you find yourself.

You CAN tap into the inspiration that lies behind this wonderful word and gave birth to this fantastic music.

My workshop on Wednesday will give you the keys to unlocking the doors to inspired performance. We will create the space in which to experience the inner flow of energy, using Mozart’s simple yet stunningly beautiful Ave Verum Corpus. By diving deep into this masterpiece and emphasizing your genuine inner experience, you will establish a link to your highest potential of expression.

This is what Handel and Mozart meant for us to experience. They wrote these masterpieces not to show off how great they were, but rather for us to share in their transcendental experience.

For music gives us the link to an inner world, to upward flowing energy of genuine JOY. As musicians, our role is to not only experience this for ourselves, but to resonate so strongly with that joy that the audience cannot help but be swept along.

So make it REAL. Tap into the theme song that is yours to discover.

Are you UP for the Allelujah Challenge?

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