Is your spirituality tucked safely out of harms way? Have you ever yearned to bring into the secular world of the Arts the deep spiritual truths that you have experienced?

Centuries ago we created a barrier separating the Arts and Sciences from the spiritual. But now we live in an age where science is becoming increasingly mystical and spirituality more and more mainstream. Who could have imagined the forward thinking Pope Francis with a twitter account? Who could have imagined yoga in Times Square? Who could have imagined a football team using meditation to help win the Super Bowl?

We make a mistake by thinking that we have to be religious to be spiritual. There is a growing population of “Spiritual But Not Religious” and “Nones.” I personally like the “Spiritually Independent” term for those who, like the politically independent, are still active without being tied to any one faction.

spirituality and music

And unless you are living under a rock, you ARE spiritually active. Some of us choose to belong to organizations while some of us have personal spiritual practices, but ALL of us are spiritual by the very nature of our souls.

“We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Spiritual = Finding Lasting Happiness

I just had a VERY enlightening talk with my 8-year old daughter.

“Dad, what if who I want to be isn’t what you want me to be?”

“What do you mean, sweetie?”

“Well, you want me to be spiritual and all that.”

“Honey, being spiritual is all about finding your own lasting happiness!” 


How do you find lasting happiness?

Think less about yourself and more about how you can serve others. Get out of your own way and let inspired music flow through you. Attune yourself more and more deeply to your source of inspiration, and help others resonate with the inspiration you feel.

Music is a spiritual practice within a secular framework. You, as a musician, impact your audiences and students on SPIRITUAL levels, whether you want to or not. So why not enhance that power? Let loose the spiritual power within you.

A few spiritual truths of music:

  1. You can change consciousness with your music.
  2. Your music can resonate with a power greater than yourself.
  3. The transcendent experience of music isn’t limited by any religion.
  4. The less the ego is involved, the better it is for everyone.

How to integrate your spirituality

Here are some ways in which you can share and incorporate your spirituality without imposing your belief systems on others:

  1. See your music as service.
  2. Take time to experience dynamic stillness (The Hush) to get a better perspective of what your music does.
  3. Resonate as much as possible with the inspiration that music gives you.
  4. Share your inspiration however you can—performing, teaching and most importantly: being.

We all have the potential to become dynamic spiritual beings. It’s time to let your spirit soar in the skies of music.

Are You a Spiritually Independent Musician?

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