1. We’ve had musical experiences of deep joy and expansiveness – the reason why we became musicians in the first place.
  2. Our first music lesson?  Stand or sit up straight, breathe correctly.
  3. We have opened ourselves to a teacher, something beyond ourselves.
  4. We practice attunement through subtle fine-tuning and accompanying others.
  5. We use intuition in an ensemble – signals beyond just eye contact and body language.
  6. We know the art of practicing – creating the discipline of calm concentration, single focus, detachment, and perseverance without immediate results.
  7. We are familiar with absorption and flow — the practice sessions where time disappears.
  8. We know that musicality comes from opening the heart and stilling the mind, not merely from thinking.
  9. We prepare for performance through visualization.
  10. We go into the hush just before a piece begins —quiet focus, relaxed alertness and centered awareness.
  11. We know that when our egos get in the way, there’s nothing but trouble.
  12. We know that the best performances come when we are completely in the moment.
  13. We’ve had experiences of higher consciousness where we were one with the music.

So why meditate, if we are doing it all already? Meditation deepens every aspect above, reaping a feast of the benefits instead of occasional success.

If you think that meditation is something too woo-woo, too religious, too spiritual, too boring, how is your musical experience any different? 

Can you explain why music takes us to a different realm of consciousness? Can you explain the gifts that the great masters brought forth in their music? And all those hours alone practicing the same thing over and over again to achieve mastery of body, mind and spirit?

Hmmm…is it really that much different?

The 13 Top Ten reasons why musicians know the basics of meditation

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  • January 9, 2014 at 10:49 am

    This is so beautiful, David! Thank you for the inspiration.


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