Halloween is inevitably followed by the harsh wake up call of November 1st. After stumbling out of bed and cursing last night’s edible fun we look in the mirror and, if we choose to follow general convention, start gearing up to be ourselves again.

As musicians, facing ourselves is the last thing we want to do sometimes. We too easily see our shortcomings and faults, our past failures and imperfections. And yet every morning we have a choice of how we will define ourselves. It’s what we’re really good at doing—dressing ourselves with bundles of self-definitions.

So how are we choosing to define ourselves as artists and musicians? As never quite good enough, never quite meeting the mark? As having to embrace suffering in order to express that which is just beyond our reach? Or by the insanity that naturally evolves from the inner tension of trying to live up to expectations?

To me these are definitions not worth living in. I’ve been there, done that, and not just once. Today I’m handing in the costume of self-definitions that usually comes with the job of being a classical musician.

What is your costume of self-definitions? Instead of being stuck with that well worn, though possibly ill fitting outfit, imagine for a minute trying on your deepest aspirations when no one is looking. You know, those fabulous outfits that can’t possibly fit, but would be really fun to try on anyway. Begin to look in the depths of your closet of aspirations for the highest expression that you can have for yourself. Even if words can’t convey this high potential that lies deep within you, just the fact that you are looking is bound to bring up new choices into your wardrobe of being.

Bringing it back, I want to tell you that If you are looking for new ways of being, especially when it comes to music, please know that you are not alone. There is a global awakening happening. People are looking in earnest for what can bring them lasting meaning and happiness. I’m exploring the highest that music can offer in raising the consciousness of the planet, not only through entertainment and art, but through the conscious use of music performance.  I’ll be leading a retreat, Resonate with Inspiration, Nov 8-10, and hope you’ll consider joining us.

I have people in the Voices of Light Virtual Choir that are redefining their own self-definitions of how well they sing. They have been told somewhere along the line that they can’t sing, or that at least they shouldn’t. But here they are showing up for this project despite everything they’ve chosen to believe about themselves in the past. I love working with them, and am tremendously honored to witness their own transformation.

What would a symphony or choir sound like that was filled with musicians who had not only mastered their technique but also were choosing to present themselves from a place of higher aspirations? That’s what I’m here to find out.

Lose Your Costume of Self-Definitions

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