Resonance is amazing. It’s what I live for. As a cellist and singer I’m constantly working to create the greatest resonance with the least amount of effort. I am also vigilant not to introduce unnecessary tension which only gets in the way and hogs energy.

I love how strings in tune with an externally produced note will start to vibrate on their own accord. Sing into a piano (the kind with the real strings) while holding down the right sustain pedal. This phenomenon of sympathetic resonance has been scientifically explained, but still…it’s magic.

Whenever you’ve had a cold your vocal resonance is hindered by inflammation and congestion. If you own a string instrument you may have noticed the substantial difference in the sound of the instrument by a simple cleaning of the strings, fingerboard, and body.

It goes deeper: any constrictive emotional energy will dampen the natural resonance of sound, for our consciousness is inextricably tied to our physical body. The more I can imagine myself as an openly resonating body of positive energy, the warmer, richer, and fuller the sound of my cello or voice becomes.

Take a second to check in with what is resonating inside of you right now. Focus your awareness inward and try to feel the energy in your body. Check your breath. Check your musculature. Do you feel constrictive, worried, anxious, or are you able to breathe deeply and feel the resonance of inner peace, joy or other expansive quality?

The more you can breathe deeply and physically relax, the more openly resonant you will become. You may be asking yourself, “How can I tell if there is something more to feel? This feels like normal me. Is there truly anything further to be experienced?”

My 17-year journey into music and meditation has included many deep states that have offered a glimpse into higher realities. I try to meditate every day, for during my more challenging days I may not always remember that deep states of peace and joy exist. Just even a hint of higher consciousness can help me keep going and remind me what I’m striving for.

photoAn interesting fact about string instruments: their sound develops by how they are played. The cello I play on was handed to me when the varnish was still slightly damp, and I’ve been its sole owner for the past 23 years. Its unique sound has developed through how I’ve played it all these years; it would have ended up sounding completely different given a different owner with a different approach to producing playing and sound.

So just as my cello “learns” a certain way of resonating, your body, mind and energy do as well. The more you chronically worry, get angry or become depressed, the easier it is to slip into those states or habits. Your body, mind and energy make this transition without any hesitation because that is what you have trained them to do. Thank heavens old patterns can be changed by creating different habits.

Every minute that I have spent in meditation has been to train myself to stay relaxed, centered and focused. If I then enter a deeper state of consciousness, I’m training myself to enter that state at will with greater ease. Even bringing forth the resonance of a really powerful past experience goes a long way in boosting my well-being.

Practice the resonance that you truly want to feel. See what happens.

Does your life have resonance?

3 thoughts on “Does your life have resonance?

  • October 21, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Beautiful newsletter and website!

  • November 1, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing, David. How music takes on a new level of inspiration when you relate it to the basic, yet fundamental human experiences like the body/mind, breath, and energy interrelationship. Beautiful! I hope all is well with you and the family in Laurelwood.

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