The Truth About Music and Performance, Hiding in Plain Sight

First, I want you to think back to your most profound experiences of music: when you felt a unity with the audience, the performer, or something greater than yourself; when your mind was very calm and your heart open. Chances are,

How to Debug Your Inspiration OS

Computer crashes…website troubles…email issues…fatal errors… Step 1. Call the IT dept. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! High Blood Pressure…flu…choleseral…cough or cold… Step 1. Call the doctor. Step 2. Have THEM fix it. Step 3. Done! Loss

Resonate Inspiration May 14, Grass Valley

An Inspired Musician Workshop Feel the thrill of inspired performance awaken within you as we use the Four Accords of the Inspired Musician to open, attune, and resonate with the living energy of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus. “Deep and inspiring…a truly revolutionary way to look