Does Your Audience Resonate with You?

Certain ideas, stories, and music resonate with us. They move us. They make us feel good when we hear or read them. Why? Because they VALIDATE our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Resonance is validation. Something inside us stands up and says “YES! I know

What did you give when you gave your last performance?

This holiday season, the spirit of giving is everywhere. In comparison to all those who are able to get out holiday cards, cookies, and thoughtful gifts for everyone—I feel woefully behind and overwhelmed. My wife is one of those amazing women

An Audition of Freedom

“Andrew, David, and Emily, the audition committee would like to hear you again. Everyone else is free to go.” As you may know from my last blog, my challenge was to take the Oregon Symphony audition without comparing myself to any other cellist

The Thief that Stole My Song

I’m going to tell you the story about the thief that stole my song (my deep joy of music), the journey I took to find it again, and the unexpected treasure I discovered. But let me start in the middle,

Are You a Spiritually Independent Musician?

Is your spirituality tucked safely out of harms way? Have you ever yearned to bring into the secular world of the Arts the deep spiritual truths that you have experienced? Centuries ago we created a barrier separating the Arts and Sciences from the

Is Your Music Magnetic?

And if so, what does it attract? I recently heard Chanticleer live for the first time, and was thrilled by what their songs evoked in me. It was as if they were a huge magnetic force that pulled out different

Emotions vs. Feelings: a musician’s perspective

“Why do you always have to be so emotional?” “How can you be so unfeeling?” And so it goes…the classic debate between the reasoning mind and the feeling heart. Our DNA gives us both the ability to feel and to

Lose Your Costume of Self-Definitions

Halloween is inevitably followed by the harsh wake up call of November 1st. After stumbling out of bed and cursing last night’s edible fun we look in the mirror and, if we choose to follow general convention, start gearing up to