I’m a recovering clock-watcher

My daughter finally turned 10 today. Sitting at the table before the festivities, she showed herself worthy of Olympic clock-watching potential: “Only 1 hour and forty….THREE minutes ’til my party!” Of course she gets her talents from me. I vividly remember a few Pittsburgh Youth

The 5 major advantages I will have in my audition

I have a huge audition coming up for a full-time position at the Oregon Symphony. The audition will bring over 100 very capable cellists from all over the country to audition. We will all play behind a screen for the prelims

JOY—the ultimate motivator

Behind every great success is great motivation. What’s your motivator? An external reward or a pure JOY of doing? The final moments of the BRAVO Youth Orchestra Winter term had finally come. All week the kids were wound up and excited. I would have imagined that the final

Don’t let your ______ hold you back

What word fills in your blank? fear past failures self-imposed limitations attachments past habits preconceptions instrument talent situation relationships I was wailing away on a friend’s cello when suddenly he said – “There! Stop! Now play that exact same passage on your own instrument with

Get your breath, then your heart, THEN your head in the game

“Get your head in the game!” I grew up as a successful competitive swimmer under a coach of supreme intensity. We never lost a meet, but I rarely enjoyed them. I was under relentless pressure to do better. No matter how much I tried,

Which Is Your Top Fear of Being Fully Present in the Moment?

Is it one of these? To face the truth of where you are right now. To be vulnerable—no more hiding in the past or future. To be accountable for all our actions that led up to  this moment. To face how much more work you still

Salvaging Happiness after the BIG DAY

Is there a way to avoid the emotional crash after holidays and big performances? I’m having a conversation with my 9-year-old daughter who is SO bummed that Christmas is suddenly over. All her anticipation and preparation couldn’t lengthen the thrill of opening presents, just as performers can’t stretch out